由于人口和政治因素的不同,每个州的12bet程序下载各不相同. 最近, Nevada has seen some democratic wins in government due to the increasingly diverse immigrant population.

移民和外国工人是该州经济的重要组成部分, 艺术, 休闲, 和娱乐行业.

这里有一些 快速的事实 明确涉及内华达州的12bet程序下载:

  • 2018年,移民占人口的19%.
  • 最主要的移民来源国是墨西哥、菲律宾和萨尔瓦多.
  • 内华达州一半的移民都加入了美国国籍.S. 公民.


在很多情况下,你可能需要一位拉斯维加斯移民律师. 也许, you’re unsure which immigration status or visa you might qualify for or are unsure which documents you should include in your application.

An immigration lawyer can simplify your immigration issue or application so that you can enter or remain in legal status.

A Las Vegas immigration lawyer at 12bet程序下载 offers free consultations for any of our services. Call today to get in contact with an experienced immigration attorney regarding deportation, 签证, DACA, 刑事辩护, 绿卡, 入籍, 和更多的.


根据美国移民委员会的说法在美国避难.S. is a protection granted to foreign nationals undocumented immigrants already in the United States or arriving at the border who meet the eligibility requirements and legal definition of a “refugee.”

难民是指 “is unable or unwilling to return to their home country and cannot get protection in the same country, due to past persecution or a well-founded fear of being persecuted in the future on account of race, 宗教, 国籍, 特殊社会群体中的成员, 或政治观点.”

A Las Vegas immigration attorney can provide a free consultation to see if you meet the asylum application requirements. 如果你做, the immigration lawyer can assist with preparing and filing the application for your immigration process.


在庇护申请提交之后, there is typically a waiting period (up to four years) for an interview or court hearing.

The team of immigration lawyers at our law firm in Nevada understands that the prolonged wait process can be difficult. Lengthy wait times often result in familial separation and undue stress and hardship to some of the most vulnerable groups.

幸运的是, 寻求庇护者可以寻求工作许可, 或者工作许可证, 在他们的移民问题被搁置了至少150天之后. 换句话说,申请人可以在美国生活和工作.S. 在他们等待移民庇护案面谈的时候.



  • Be physically present in the United States (it doesn’t matter how you arrived) for less than one year from the date of your last arrival; and
  • Demonstrate that you were persecuted or that you are afraid you might be persecuted because of your race, 宗教, 国籍, 政治观点, 或者是某个特定社会群体的成员.


简而言之, the legal asylum process can take years – a Las Vegas immigration attorney can file an asylum application and not hear back from the Service for an interview for years.

目前,美国移民局和12bet程序下载庭系统的积压工作达到了顶峰, 导致庇护案件等待时间过长.


根据12bet程序下载, 具体情况, 比如有需要抚养的配偶或孩子, 或严重的医疗状况, 你是否有资格提出一份加急面试申请.


根据12bet程序下载驱逐出境是指将外国公民从美国驱逐出境.S. 在驱逐出境或驱逐出境案件中,美国的法律规定.S. 政府必须决定必须将外国人驱逐出境. The process is usually complicated and stressful for any foreign nationals and family members involved.


通常, a Las Vegas immigration attorney at our law firm can help you fight a deportation order by arguing your case in court. 如欲取消取消申请,你必须具备:

  • 在美国的亲身经历.S. 十年以上;
  • have good moral character during that time; and
  • 证据证明 “特别的和极其不寻常的” 你的困难.S. 公民或居民家属,如果你将被转移.


根据12bet程序下载, 具体情况, 比如有需要抚养的配偶或孩子, 或严重的医疗状况, 你是否有资格提出一份加急面试申请.


A deportation lawyer can assist by assembling a cancellation of removal petition with supporting documents.


There are several categories through which an individual can apply for an immigrant visa, 包括以下:

  • 以家庭为基础的申请,在美国联邦政府的直系亲属的情况下.S. 公民、结婚签证或未婚夫签证;
  • 来自工人请愿书, 比如在艺术方面有非凡的才能, 教育, 业务, 或运动;
  • 难民或难民的请愿书,还有很多.

A Las Vegas immigration attorney at our law firm can assist you with understanding each category and its application process. 参观 美国入籍与移民服务局网站 有关每个移民类别的更多信息.


The student visa (F or M) requires an 教育 program and a sponsoring institution to study at a university, 大学, 神学院, 或美国其他学术机构.S.


工作签证状态包括专业职业签证(H), 公司内部的协议(左), 非凡的能力(O), 和许多更多. 工人签证授予状态基于你的工作.

我是绿卡持有者. 我什么时候可以申请入籍?

If you are a green card holder, you can apply for 公民hip under immigrant law if you:

  • 拥有永久居留权五年以上,
  • 没有出过美国吗.S. 在过去五年的30个月或更长时间里,
  • Have resided in the district or state in which you are applying for 公民hip for at least three months,
  • 能说基本的英语.


的需求 & 国籍的优点


  • 免职诉讼保护;
  • 让你的孩子成为公民;
  • 随时随地旅行的自由;
  • 投票的能力,还有很多!


Family-based 签证 are granted to individuals who have an immediate relative who is a U.S. 公民或合法永久居民.


Immigrant investor 签证 or the EB-5 visa can provide the ability to live and work in the U.S. in addition to the ability to gain investments upon the completion of an eligible investment project.


访问签证是为那些想要访问美国的人提供的非移民签证.S. 休闲(B-1签证)、旅游(B-2签证)或两者的结合(B-1/B-2签证).


拉斯维加斯的移民律师 12bet程序下载 会帮助你解决任何与12bet程序下载有关的问题吗, 这是不是一个简单的问题, 绿卡申请, 入籍, 或者另一种情况.

A Las Vegas immigration attorney can also provide free consultation as part of our legal services, 讨论你的案子.



You may qualify for a temporary worker visa if you have an employment offer and a company that is willing to sponsor you as a petitioner.


学生签证申请需要符合资格的教育项目. Contact a Las Vegas immigration lawyer at our law office to determine if you meet all of the requirements.


You can apply for a green card if you are eligible for one or more of the 绿卡申请 categories.


绿卡的有效期通常为10年, 除非有条件的永久居民身份, 哪个有效期是两年.


An immigration lawyer in Las Vegas can assist you with your cancellation of removal application.



一个你.S. 公民会被驱逐出境?

你不能被驱逐到你以前的国籍或国籍的国家. You’ll have just as much right as any other American to live and work in the United States.



我的签证过期了,还和一个美国人结了婚.S. 公民. 我可以成功申请绿卡吗?

如果你签证过期,和美国人结婚.S. 公民, you are exempt from the overstay immigration consequences and can apply for a green card through an adjustment of status.


绿卡允许你在美国生活和工作.S.在美国,有可能被驱逐出境. 这可能是违反法律的结果, 未报告地址变更, 还有很多其他原因.


    与亚历山大和他的员工一起工作很愉快. 他接手了我的人身伤害案件. 在困难时期,他给了我安慰. 他的员工知识渊博,和蔼可亲. 将来我一定会雇佣他来满足我的法律需要.


    我在2019年12月24日给12bet娱乐下载打了电话, 亚历山大·麦克泰恩接了电话! I was very surprised that he gave me some really Great Advice, and wished me Merry Christmas. 我可以查一下这家公司,并提出投诉! 谢谢你,麦克泰恩律师!

    Alise B.

    亚历克斯和他的员工在我和他们相处的过程中是最好的. 我去年出了车祸, 他们处理了我案子的每一部分, 他们让我了解情况. 与他们共事是我一生中最愉快的经历. They were patient and understanding, and assisted me with everything and adjusted to my needs. 我向所有人强烈推荐12bet娱乐下载.


    和办公室里的每个人一起工作绝对是一次很棒的经历! Alexander, 夏娃lyn and Levon were very quick to respond and assisted me with each question I had. 我肯定会推荐这家公司!


    到目前为止,这是我处理重大事件时最好的专业经验, 比如事故 ! I wanna thank you guys from Alex to 夏娃lyn from the bottom of my heart for really being patient and showing me you guys were really on my side. 沟通是关键,这是一直以来所展示的,我喜欢这一点. 亚历克斯真的很了不起,他把工作完成了. 谢谢你们